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Dr. Stoker is valued not only for his excellent work, but also for his knowledge and expertise as an industry leader . He is one of the most in-demand plastic surgeons in Los Angeles in addition to teaching courses at the University of Southern California. Dr. Stoker also makes frequent appearances in the media such as in- newspapers, magazines and on television.

We’re here to help you stay current on the latest news in plastic surgery around the world and from our Los Angeles practice. Keeping up to date on relevant news helps to educate you about your options and also empowers you to make wise decisions. You can use the following resources located below in your exploration:


Check out in detail Dr. Stoker's publications in prestigious plastic surgery journals. The articles show his depth of experience and dedication to being a leader in plastic surgery.

Press Releases

Los Angeles Liposuction Patients Donate Fat to Stem Cell Research
Dr. David Stoker, Board-certified plastic surgeon has partnered up with UCLA's stem cell research center and is offering an opportunity to his Los Angeles liposuction patients to donate their unwanted fat to medical research...
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Laser-Assisted Breast Surgery provides Longer-Lasting Support
Dr. David Stoker, a plastic surgeon who regularly performs breast augmentation in Los Angeles, has found that laser-assisted breast lifts with breast augmentation result in longer-lasting perkiness after surgery and improved upper-breast fullness...
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Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Stoker performs plastic surgery in Los Angeles. Dr. David Stoker has also gained widespread recognition for liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty and many other cosmetic procedures. He serves men and women throughout Southern California (including Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Monica) and the rest of the world.