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Recovery after Tummy Tuck in Los Angeles

The recovery after a tummy tuck operation is important. By educating yourself on this process you will be able to form your own questions to ask at your consultation.  Recovery time may play a role in determining when you are able to have the procedure performed.

During your consultation, Dr. David Stoker will review with you the recovery process so that you are fully aware of how much time you’ll need to heal completely.

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What To Expect from Your Recovery After a Tummy Tuck:

  • When you wake up after your tummy tuck surgery, the abdominal area will be uncomfortable. In the days following your procedure, swelling and discomfort will subside.  Dr. Stoker prescribes pain medications for patients to remain comfortable on the way to a quick recovery. Bruising is most likely to occur fairly soon following your surgery and typically resolves in one week.

  • The skin surrounding your incision site may become numb; this is normal. Some nerves are divided because a tummy tuck involves detaching the loose skin from the muscle. Sensation should return to the area in several months, but there is a possibility that some of the sensation will not return.  Often the first feelings that you will have in this area are itching or tingling.

  • Follow the antibiotic regimen that Dr. Stoker gives you. Finish the entire prescription; not following Dr. Stoker’s instructions may delay your recovery.

  • Sleep is great for your body during the healing process! Sleeping with your head and shoulders elevated, for as long as 14 days, will assist with blood flow and shorten the healing process. Sleeping should not be a problem since most pain medications have a sedative effect. Your body will use energy in the healing process and this also may cause you to tire easily.

  • A recovery list will be provided for you following the surgery. This list will tell you when to change the dressings, how often you may take a shower or sponge bath, and the restrictions on your activity. A comprehensive list of things that may go wrong will also be provided for you.

  • If Dr. Stoker provides you with a support garment, wear it! The support garment will help with healing and control the swelling.

  • It is important to voice any concerns you have at your follow-up appointment with Dr. Stoker.

To find out if a tummy tuck would be ideal for your physique, schedule your consultation with Dr. David Stoker at (310) 300-1779 or request a consultation online.

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